Champagne wishes for a budget-friendly party

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Do you have caviar dreams of hosting a holiday party but don’t have the budget to make it happen? The good news is, the best and most memorable gatherings are more about a festive mood and making your guests feel welcomed, which really doesn’t cost a thing. Whether you’re serving with plastic utensils or a silver service fit for the Queen, the most important thing is to relax and have fun.

Here a few other tips for hosting a holiday party on a budget:

Embrace a theme, like a dessert bar (instead of loads of appetizers or a sit-down meal) or hot chocolate station (instead of alcohol, which can be very expensive).

Play games. Ask guests to bring a small wrapped gift for exchange, or consider a cookie exchange where each guest brings a dozen cookies to share and gets to eat and/or take home everyone else’s. Bonus – your party snacks are covered!

Candles are your friend. Everyone looks good in candlelight, they hide a multitude of décor sins and they can instantly make a room feel dressed up and festive without pricey decorations.

Host a “we survived the holidays” party. December calendars are jam-packed already, so chances are your friends will enjoy the opportunity to attend a party later in January when life is less crazed. Plus, you can scoop up lots of decorations and party supplies on sale!

But sometimes you still want to have a little something new just for the holidays. That’s why we created this Holiday entertaining guide to help you host the best holiday party of your friends and family on a budget.

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