Guestroom Without Reservations: How to Turn any Space into a Spare Room

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Holidays mean food, laughter, friends and family. And with the extra guests around, you more than likely need some extra space to host everyone.

Here’s our tips for turning any room in your home into a hotel guest room (one without reservations).

  1. Use a blow up mattress: Investing in a high quality roll-out mattress or a blow-up mattress is the easiest way to accommodate guests. You can create a cozy and modern bed for them with the right linens, comfortable pillows, and a comfy throw blanket.
  2. Hang curtains as room dividers: Using curtains to separate a large bedroom or living room gives your guests a little extra privacy throughout their stay.
  3. Multifunctional work /play area: Multifunctional tables, ottomans, and storage benches are great for you in the long run, and help provide for guests. Small tables are especially useful as they can double as a personal vanity or even a work station for your guests.
  4. Stock up on fresh towels and bedding: You never realize how many towels you use until you have someone staying with you too. Make sure you have enough towels and fresh sheets on hand for your guests (this applies for pillows and blankets too).
  5. Add bedside lighting: Small table or desk lamps will always be handy, and when guests are over, they’ll have their own light to switch on if they want to stay up late to read a book, or need to get up in the middle of the night without disturbing the rest of the house.

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