Off the Tree: Alternate Uses for Holiday Ornaments

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Using ornaments as decorative accents on your tabletop is an affordable and easy way to to ensure your holiday theme flows seamlessly from room to room. The focal point should always be the centerpiece of table. This should also be the tallest visual point of your setting.

  • Tip: Place an empty paper towel roll in the center of your vase and then surround it with ornaments. This will conserve the number of ornaments needed to fill the vase.





You can continue the ornament theme on your table by placing them in glasses or in place of a candle in a lantern. Using red or white twine to tie an ornament around each napkin setting is another way to add a festive touch. Ornaments can also be displayed on a cake plate to help balance out the table’s visual height.

Use two different placemats for each setting to create visual interest with pops of color. This helps provide ample space for all utensils and prevents glasses from leaving rings on the table, too.

  • Tip: Always combine place-mats with different textures to help define the space.







It’s all in the details. Using ornaments to decorate the buffet is a simple way to help pull your design together. Don’t be afraid to explore more places to add ornaments—placing them on the deer antlers is a great example of how fun and effective this can be.

  • Tip: Make sure you remove the hanger portion from the top of the ornament before placing it upside down on the antler. In addition to helping stabilize the ornament/prevent it from falling off, this also provides a convenient way to conceal the open hole.





It’s not necessary to keep all your gifts under the tree. Wrap empty boxes as “presents” is a whimsical, practical way to show off your prettiest wrapping paper. You can decorate around the wrapped boxes or use them as gift toppers for your real presents.

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