Purchasing Power is awesome. I would never be able to afford the appliances and electronics for my home without them. Items are easy to order and payments are broken down to not overwhelm your wallet. The best thing EVER!!!!! I recommend them to everyone.
- Kamesha W., Google Review
Excellent! They care about their customers. I did not feel like just a number. Great way to buy interest free! Any concerns that I had, they addressed completely.
- Jennifer H., Google Review
I love purchasing items that are great and pay only a little out of each check it makes it easier to plan for Christmas and other things
- Amy B., Google Review
I have been ordering from Purchasing Power ever since my girlfriend told me about back in 2010. I've ordered laptop and TV for my Son going off to college. I shop here 1st for Christmas gifts and Birthday gifts and the quality and guarantee are excellent. I have shared it with friends and coworker and they have gotten TV, baby shower gifts, jewelry, perfumes and wedding gifts. I enjoy the payroll deductions and being able to make extra payments by logging on to my account. I just placed an order 3days ago for a surprise birthday gift and a much needed luggage bag and got the gift today. Thanks for offering discounts on shipping as well as other items. I will keep using you as long as you stay around.
- Larissa W., Facebook Review
I have shopped using Purchasing Power for a few years now and love it! I have purchased furniture, home decor, appliances, tires for my car, fashion designer handbags, toys, bicycles, and recently a wonderful vacation package. The convenience of payroll deductions, fast shipments, no hassle returns, all makes it a winner for me. I really love the service, discounts available making prices reasonable, and their customer representatives. I only wish someone was available on the weekends if I need to reach a representative.
- Melody H., Facebook Review
Saved Christmas for my kids quite a few times. Never had any problems with Purchasing Power. Promo code deals, Fast shipping, and not have to pay all at once is worth the price of convenience.
- Misty Benjamin R., Facebook Review
Purchasing Power first became available to me at work about 4 1/2 years ago. This company has helped me out so much. I am able to purchase things that I would never have cash upfront to pay for. I have ordered a sectional couch, a side by side refrigerator, a dining room table, TVs, trampolines, you name it, and I have bought it! I am able to buy Christmas and Birthday present for my grandchildren, and only pay twice a month for it. The prices are great. Everything arrives on time. The customer service is outstanding. I could go on and on about the company. They knew an outstanding service to those of us that don't have the cash required to make these purchases.
- Rancho C., Consumer Affairs Review
Excellent company. I literally had all the stuff I ordered overnight and earlier than the expected delivery. I never write a review about anyone but I was reading all these negative comments about this company and I've come to the conclusion that all these people bombard this company come Christmas time and expect their ** overnight. The truth is order your Christmas ** earlier than that like a normal person. You can't order Christmas gifts in December with all the mail companies flooded and expect that, then write an angry review. That's really ** stupid for all you people who have everything handed to you and expect instant gratification. Smh.
- Gary, Consumer Affairs Review
I love your products and the affordability of the payments. I would give you 5 stars if you'd only offer high end luxury handbags such as Fendi, Gucci or Louis Vuitton. Also offer better travel destinations to maybe Disneyland in California or Las Vegas. Keep adding new furniture and keep up the good work!
- Shelita M., Facebook Review
I use Purchasing Power through my employer from time to time. I've only had one issue with the warranty on one of the products I purchased. Other than that, Purchasing Power is wonderful.
- Nicole B., Facebook Review

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