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Is Purchasing Power Right For You?

4 reasons to sign up for Purchasing Power today

  1. Say goodbye to financial stress: Shop thousands of brand-name products today without busting your budget. We let you make manageable payments over 6 or 12 months.
  2. Know what you are paying for: The price you see when you check out is the price you pay. No credit checks and no hidden fees means no surprises.
  3. Save yourself hassle: When cash isn’t an option, we’re a budget-friendly way to avoid traditional financing options like high-interest credit cards or rent-to-own stores.
  4. Enjoy everyday savings: We offer great discounts on thousands of brand-name items almost every day of the week.

Here’s why we’re a better way to buy™

With Purchasing Power, the price you see is the price you pay — no gimmicks, no surprises:

Every year around this time, stores start promoting “free” layaway as a convenient way to purchase holiday gifts…but is layaway really the best option for you?

Here are five reasons why shopping with Purchasing Power is better—and more budget-friendly—than layaway:

  1. You don’t have to wait. We ship your order upfront, so you don’t have to finish paying off your balance before taking your gift home.
  2. Pay over 6 to 12 months. With most layaway plans, you only have 8 to 12 weeks to pay for your items. With our program, more time to pay means smaller payments that fit into you budget.
  3. Get the gifts they want. Layaway is often only available for select items; you can buy any of the products on our site and pay for them over time.
  4. Simple, straightforward pricing. At Purchasing Power, the price you see is the price you pay. That means there’s zero interest and no hidden fees.
  5. Stress-free, automated payments. Since your payments are automatically deducted from your paycheck, there’s no need to set reminders or worry about paying your bill on time.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to give a better way™ to buy a try?

You can learn more about our program—and how it works for you here.


You know what the biggest perk of Purchasing Power is?

We let you buy everyone on your list a great gift, without breaking the bank. Our program lets you stretch your budget by giving you the ability to pay over time, right from your paycheck. But here’s some tips on how to get an even better deal through Purchasing Power:

  1. Opt-In! We email the latest and greatest promotions each week. Login and visit ‘My Account’ to ensure you are opted-in to receive them.
  2. Like us! Our upcoming promotions are available in the ‘Offers’ tab on our Facebook page.
    • Bonus: Set a reminder for when a good deal is about to happen, so you don’t miss out.
  3. Schedule Shopping: Amazing deals on popular items are going to be available on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the last days leading up to the holidays. Be sure to schedule time to visit our website and complete your holiday shopping.
  4. Refer Your Co-workers & Friends!You can earn rewards to apply to your next order. For each new customer you refer to Purchasing Power, you will earn a reward. Login to share, so you can save on your holiday orders.

Expenses can add up quickly during the holidays, and with the latest toys and gadgets coming out, it’s easy to leave your budget behind. But we have tips that will help you set and keep your holiday budget.

  1. Plan ahead: First, write down everyone you’d like to get a present for and decide how much you’d like to spend on each. Or, work backwards, make a set total for your holiday budget and divide it among the people you want to buy gifts.
  2. Create a holiday savings account: Now that you know how much you need, determine how much money out of each paycheck will need to be set aside and put it in a savings account specifically for your gift-giving. Doing this in installments will make it easier overall on your wallet.
  3. Shop sales: You don’t have to wait until Black Friday to get great deals. Most retailers will be “clearing the shelves” earlier in the season, which means you can find deep discounts on the items you’ve wanted. Shopping early also means that you won’t be pressured to buy gifts last minute and at a higher price.
  4. Stay on track: Things change, so it’s important to keep your budget top of mind. Review it every week to make sure you’re not going over, or to make cuts when necessary.

Get set for the best holiday ever.

With these four tips, you'll have everything you need to give the perfect gifts a the perfect price this year.